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I've watched pretty much every health related documentary known to man and I have found these ones to be the best ones. If you or someone you know wants to make a change to help the environment, animals, or their health these are all must watch documentaries.

1. Cowspiracy

This is an obvious one for me. I've had so many people watch it and have completely changed their outlook on how they eat and live. AND its on Netflix! Meaning a ton of people can watch it! 

2. Forks Over Knives

Pretty much a classic in the vegan/health community.  This doc really opens peoples eyes to what is really going on behind the closed doors of the food industry. Not to mention the connections between our diets and disease.

3. Before The Flood

This is such a good movie. Its all about climate change. Not really about what we eat but our daily activities. Really inspiring to make better choices for our earth. Not to mentio Leonardo DiCaprio is the main advocate for this film. So neat that such a famous person is so involved. On YouTube peeps! 

4. Vegucated

This doc is about a couple of individuals that are on the Standard-American diet who adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. Pretty interesting. Also on Netflix btw!

5. Food, Inc.

Kind of hard to watch since its mostly about people dealing with the "side effects" of animal agriculture. E. Coli outbreaks, growth hormones put in the animals, and how they get treated while they are waiting to be slaughtered. 


My First Vegan Thanksgiving

My First Vegan Thanksgiving