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Intention Setting

Intention Setting

Let’s talk about goals, resolutions, and intentions. They are all the same thing right?!? Wrong! Goals are something I consider ever changing, more of an ambition than anything. Also goals are typically too rigorous and challenging to reach. Of course I set goals but more like life goals, futuristic ideas. What I want to do in the future, what I want my house and family to look like, etc. A dream.

Resolutions are soooo 2015. New Years is a holiday where we beat ourselves up about all the bad choices we have made in the past year and how we are going to step up our game in the coming new year. I am all about bettering yourself and being the best version of you but not when it comes from a feeling of guilt, disgust, and anger towards yourself. Yes it is March. Yes most people have already fallen off the wagon with their resolutions. And yes it’s okay. Most of the time, our resolutions are too hard and unsustainable for us to follow anyway. Like going to the gym for two hours every. single. day. Who the heck has time for that? How about losing weight? That’s a solid resolution right? Yep, absolutely but not when you are starving yourself, counting every calorie, and beating yourself up every time you slip up and eat a carb. It’s time to put resolutions to rest. It’s the year of intentions.



a thing intended; an aim or plan.

Intentions come from the heart. They are something you wish for, you want to work on, or manifest. Something you plan on doing or plan on changing. It’s a nicer, more casual way of saying “this is my goal”. It’s important to note that just like a goal, these are ever changing and morphing into new ideas and thoughts.


How Do I Do This?

Get a journal, a piece of lined paper, watercolor paper, or even the notes on your phone. Write out some ‘goals’ you have. People usually have a better time understanding goal setting first. Think about things you can make happen now, today, in the morning, or in 10 minutes. Not futuristic goals. Wanna get more sleep? make more money? Eat more greens? How about be a better listener?

Things of that nature are intentions. It’s fun and you can do this as often as you wish. This year I have decided to sit down every month and write out my intentions on a piece of watercolor paper and doodle. Make it an art piece. I hang in on my wall and read them outloud almost everyday. It has become a monthly ritual I look forward to on the first of every month. It has become my creative space where I can create anything. Anything I want to manifest in that moment. I get to play with paint and color not on the computer. I can write down whatever is on my mind, what I want to change or stop doing, and the best part?! I can make it happen by simply writing it down and reading it aloud. It’s pretty special.

My Examples:

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