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Osea Skincare

Osea Skincare

For a long time, I've been looking for vegan & cruelty-free products that are natural & effective. Sure you can take steriods & use face wash that's so harsh & tested on animals to treat acne. Sure you can get plastic surgery & use a thousand different products to help with aging & dark spots. But why when there are 100% natural & effective products out there! 

OSEA is a fantastic company founded by Jenefer Palmer. The company was inspired by the sea & all of the minerals & elements within it. That's why all of the are inspired by the ocean. They only use seaweed, plants, flowers, salts, botanicals, & essential oils in their products. All of their ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers that meet their standards of purity. 

One of my favorite aspects of OSEA is how much they care about how their ingredients are harvested & sourced. Unlike many companies who use seaweed in their products, all of their marine algae is harvested by hand on the shore. They feel very strongly about protecting the wildlife & not using diesel powered equipment to harvest their ingredients. 

They are 100% committed to vegan + plant based ingredients. Jenefer Palmer believes that animal rights matter and are not at all necessary in the making of skincare products, which is 100% TRUE! They also are committed to nontoxic + natural beauty. Skin care products don't have to be full of chemicals, animal derived ingredients, or synthetic materials to be effective, & OSEA is proving that to be true. They are producing amazing products that don't compromise out health or the health of our planet. 

Another wonderful thing OSEA does is use mostly recycled packaging. A lot of the bottles are made of glass which endlessly recyclable & impermeable. They have promised to never use use soft plastic packaging for any of their products because harmful chemicals like Phthalates, can leach into the product. 

My Products

Since I have combination & acne-prone skin, I tried some of there best selling blemish-prone products & products that help balance my oily to dry skin complexion. And let me tell you...I FREAKING LOVE THEM!! And I'm not just saying that. I honestly cannot wait to get up in the morning to wash my face & do my morning skin routine. 

I use the Ocean Cleanser daily to remove excess oil & surface impurities. It gently exfoliates to minimize pores. Made for all skin types and is a perfect for a simple cleanser. I use it in the morning & at night It's different from most face washes. It doesn't foam up or get bubbly, it's a gentle gel that rubs onto the skin very nicely. I just use clean fingertips to wash my face but you can also use a spin brush or cleansing pad. I rinse with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Along with the Ocean Cleanser, I use the Blemish Balm to moisturize. I love it!ever leaves my skin feeling oily or sticky. Best of all, it smells so good! Made with lots of botanical ingredients like tea tree, rosemary, & thyme essential oils. It's meant for oily & blemish-prone skin & it sure has helped me! It feels super light weight & refreshing.

Once or Twice a week I will use the Red Algae Mask. I love it so much! It has helped clear up my skin a lot since I have started using it. It feels very tingly and refreshing when applied & dries quickly. I apply a thin layer to my clean face & leave it on for 10 minutes, then remove it with warm water. Pat dry then I use my Blemish Balm. You can also use it as a spot treatment over night which works great if you have a breakout. It helps calm redness & irritation. It helps deeply moisturize & firm the skin. 

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