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My Vegan Food Tour In Philadelphia PA

My Vegan Food Tour In Philadelphia PA

This was such a fun adventure and I'm sure I'll be doing many more in the future. It took some planning but It was definitely worth it! I got so much inspiration and ate some AMAZING vegan food. I'm glad I got to spend time with my mom and best friend, Maddie. *They are both vegan too

So we started the day with an idea in our heads of what places we wanted to go. Sadly we didn't make it to all of them but we got to most. And I have to say, they were pretty darn good. We decided not to eat anything before we got to our first destination. I'm glad we did but I sure was hungry by the time we got there. The first stop we made was starbucks of course. We needed to get our hot teas, duh. Then we hit the train station. I had only ever been on a train a handful of times before this one, so it was really fun and different from what I'm used too. After our 20-25 minute ride we made it to center city. 

P.S. and Co.

The first restaurant was P.S. and Co. It was one of our favorite of the six we went to. The atmosphere was so cool. Really relaxing and chill. There were plants everywhere and strung lights. There menus were cute. Pretty much everything they had, we loved. Including the food. As soon as we were seated, we asked for something quickly because we were so so so hungry. We got a brownie. Probs the best thing I ever ate. Maybe it was just because I was was so hungry or maybe because it was actually amazing. I don't know. All I know is that it was good and it was gone in about 30 seconds. Then we ordered the burrito and the "meatball" sub. The burrito was super delicious. Had some purple rice, avocado, lettuce, creamy sauce, edamame, and sauteed greens. So So So amazing. The sub was even better in my opinion, it was a mushroom based ball with really good tomato sauce and housemade almond "parmesan". It was perfection! Thank you P.S. and Co. for a great experience! We loved it and will be back!

Bar Bombon

The second place we went to was Bar Bombon. It was a really nice atmosphere and they had really different menu items that I've never seen before. We ordered beans and rice of course and two tacos. The beans and rice were super flavorful. The beans made more of a soup with a tomato-y base and the rice was cooked in spices with peas. Super delicious and I could go for it right now. The tacos were really good. One was seitan with quac and pineapple. The other one was a buffalo cauliflower taco with a creamy dressing, lettuce and carrots. Both were really fresh and flavorful. We got to sit at the bar so it was really casual and fun to talk to the people around us. Thank you Bar Bombon for a great experience! 

V Street

The third place we went to or at least tried to eat at was V Street. I'm bummed we didn't actually get to sit down and eat but we did get to see the inside. It was REALLY crowded. The menu looked amazing. There is stuff like tempeh tacos, seitan kebabs, and different kinds of noodles. It all sounds so good and I hope to try it out soon.


The fourth place was HipCityVeg. There food was really good and I can totally them branching out to other cities. We got the Ziggy Burger and the Crispy HipCity Ranch sandwich. They both were really good. The burger had smoked tempeh on it and a creamy sauce. The actual burger was really good. Had a similar texture and flavor to real meat. Perfect for people who are hesitant to to try a veggie burger. This had all the element a regular burger would have. The Crispy Ranch sandwich was good too. This was supposed to be more like a chicken sandwich I guess. The meaty part was pretty good, had a nice breading on it. It was served with all the fixins including a peppered ranch sauce. Thank you so much HipCityVeg for serving us such good food. We hope to see you start to pop in new cities soon!

Sweet Freedom Bakery

The fifth place we went to was Sweet Freedom Bakery. They are not just a vegan bakery. They don't use any gluten, nuts, corn, or soy. Thats pretty cool. We got the best cupcakes EVER there! The S'mores one and the vanilla. We also got a chocolate chip cookie. The cupcakes were so rich and the frosting was so creamy and sweet. The cookie was really good for a gluten-free cookie. We were impressed. Thank you Sweet Freedom Bakery for baking us these delicious treats that everyone can enjoy!

Blackbird Pizzeria

The last place we went to was Blackbird Pizzeria. I think we saved the best for last. BEST PIZZA I'VE EVER HAD. Period. We got a slice of just regular "cheese" pizza and a slice of Balboa. The cheese one was really good. The crust is the best part. The sauce was good and the cheese was actually melty. Just overall a great slice of pizza. The Balboa on the other hand was out of the world! It had tomatoes, seitan sausage, arugula, pesto sauce, and "ricotta" cheese on it. So so so good. Really wish I could get some right around here.  

These are places we didn't get to but want to go sometime soon:

  1. Vedge
  2. Charlie was a sinner
  3. Vegan Commissary
  4. Front Street Cafe

All of the places listed are completley vegan. If you live near Philly or are visiting make sure you try any or all of these places! They are all worth trying! 


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