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Terrarium Party

Terrarium Party

For my 17th Birthday party, I decided to have a terrarium making party! And it was a total hit! I had a broad age range and everyone got involved. There were younger kids, people my age, and adults in their 20-50s. Everyone really had fun getting their hands dirty and being creative. It's a little overwhelming learning exactly what plants, dirt, containers, etc are best for terrarium making. So I have broken it down for you so you can have an awesome terrarium making party too! It does not need to be for any special occasion or birthday! In fact it would be so fun for you and friends just to get together and do this for fun! If you decide to have a party like this make sure to leave me a comment on here or on Instagram so I can see!! There is a video at the end of this post of my party and some specific details about throwing a vegan party!

What To Buy:

1. Plants

a very crucial part of any terrarium making party. We went with all succulents and cacti, but you can also get more leafy plants like ferns. They give the terrariums a more forest feel versus a desert look. You can also try air plants which we ordered from amazon! They are a great alternative and are super easy to take care of!

2. Containers

Most of our containers we either had or ordered off amazon. I like to use canning jars. They are cheap and look super cute! They also make amazing gifts! We had some glass globes which were a hit and some random glass containers we found at random stores

3. Rocks and Other Natural Decor

Also important in terrarium making. I like the foresty and desert look and little rocks, pieces or bark, moss, twigs, etc help with that. You can probably find a lot of stuff outside to use but there is a lot on amazon or you can go to your local home improvement store and find a lot of stuff in the gardening department. 

4. Dirt, Sand, & Charcoal

Dirt is important in all gardening projects. Since wr had more succulents, we got succulent and cacti potting soil. It seemed to work great. You can also use some sand to use as moisture absorber (because it's very easy to over water these) and to layer. i love the layered look so I used a lot of sand.  Charcoal is a very important element to terrarium making because controls the moisture too. We ordered ours on amazon. Definitely recommend getting your hands on some.

5. Assesories

My favotite part of making my terrarium was picking out my little decor items. We had so many animals, dinosaurs, little houses, mushrooms, etc. We ordered all of them from amazon. There were some sets that had some weird or not so cute items in them, but it made it funny! 

6. Tools

To get the accessories where we wanted them, to plant the plants in the exact spot we wanted, to water the plants, and to move the sand where we needed it, we used some tweezers, little spoons, scoopers, and special water bottles. I think everyone used those and they really cam in handy. If you are going to be using cacti in your terrariums, then also get some thick gloves or paper to help you get the cactus in your container. They look super cute, but they can prick you pretty bad so be careful :)

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