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Vegan Camping Trip!

Vegan Camping Trip!

Camping is annual thing in my life. Of course I would like to go more often but there is just something about it being once a year that makes it special. The three of us (my mom, my best friend since kindergarten, and I) always stay in the same cabin and hike the same trails. It’s a check in every year to make sure we are on the right path and life is progressing the way it should. Getting out in nature to reset and channel all your energy in being in the moment is something that every family/friend group should embark on.

My favorite part is that there is no service or wifi or anything. The only reason we really use our phones is for the camera and a flashlight every once in awhile. No social media or texting others to distract us from what is important and from living in the moment.

Not only is spending time in nature relaxing but it refuels my creativity. When I return home, I have all of these creative juices flowing through me. New ideas, new projects, and new recipes in mind. Below is a bunch of photos that will tell the story of this year’s 12th annual camping trip. I figured photos are worth a thousand words and trying to type that out doesn’t sound super fun tbh. Please enjoy!

My Favorite Cruelty-Free Products....EVER

My Favorite Cruelty-Free Products....EVER