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What's In My Vegan Bag?

What's In My Vegan Bag?

What are the essentials I keep with me ALL the time you ask. Well in this blog post I will answer that question. When I first decided to go vegan, use cruelty-free products, & not support the leather industry, I had a hard time replacing my essentials. I used to always have a classic chapstick with me (not vegan, contains beeswax & tested on animals), my favorite leather wallet (obviously not vegan), & my travel sized makeup (not cruelty-free). Since then, I have pledged to myself, the animals, & the planet that I will be more conscious about what brands & products I support. I have found products that not only replace my old essentials, but also benefit me more than the old ones! I carry all of these essentials with me almost everywhere I go. I love going to coffee shops & cafes to edit my videos/photos & write my blog posts. I find that I am less distracted & more productive when I go out & work. With everything in my bag, I'll go to the grocery store, farmers market, & restaurants without missing much!

My Bag

I used to like small crossbody bags but since I have changed what I carry, I have decided backpacks are always better for me. I need things to be easily accessible, lots of space, & I prefer to be hands free when possible. 


The Cougar Backpack

I have this backpack from GUNAS New York. They are an amazing brand that I am happy to support. All of their designer quality bags & shoes are made with vegan leather. It's impeccable how realistic their vegan leather is. It's easy to clean, very well made, & looks very high end. There are different color options available for this bag to choose from. I really like the neutral colors I chose, it goes with just about everything! I am able to keep all of my essentials in this bag with plenty of extra room for additional things. 

Quick Access Essentials

It's pretty essential that I have specific things easily accessed. I always have my phone, my wallet, chapstick, & a camera battery ready at all times. Luckily my backpack has a perfectly sized front pocket I can open quickly. My wallet is very minimalist and only holds a few cards & some cash. I do not remember the bran but I have linked some comparable ones below. 


Vegan Chapstick


Motiv-Small Wallet


Metalic Card Holder


Twin Black Wallet


Since I am usually working, I always have my computer with me with a power cord. The backpack fits my computer perfectly. I have a 13" Mac so I if you have a 15" laptop or larger this may not be ideal. I also always have a phone changer.

Zero Waste

Often times I am away from home for a long period of time and need to grab a snack or something while I am out. I have learned that carrying a few reusable produce/bulk bags with me is very helpful. That way I don't need to get a bag at checkout or use rapper of any kind. I highly recommend trying this out! And of course I always have my little pouch of reusable wooden utensils with a metal straw with me everywhere I go. My Hydro Flask doesn't usually go in my bag but it is an essential that I carry with me everywhere. If I know I am going to be gone for a long time, I will make myself a smoothie in the morning & it will still be cold hours later that to the Hydro! 


Metal Straw


Wooden Utencils


32 oz Hydro Flask


Reusable Bulk Bags


Since my skin can get pretty dry without proper hydration throughout the day, I always have essential skin food & some makeup for quick fixes. I absolutely love the 3-in-1 revolution light moisturizer from Leeanni Eco. It's super light weight & hydrating but never leaves my sin feeling oily. Leeanni Eco is all about using natural ingredients to feed our skin minimalist. They have two products (both of which I love) that work together to help your skin be as healthy as it can be. The two products make a skincare routine that is just about 15 seconds! That is why I love bring their products with me. They are small & compact & so quick & easy to use! I also keep a small concealer, & my stick highlighter. All of these things are so easy to apply in a hurry & they are nice & compact for my backpack. 


3-in-1 Moisterizer




Haloscope Highlighter



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