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Hey There, 2018!

Hey There, 2018!

Well it's that time again. 2018 is upon us. Whether it felt like 2017 lasted forever or was only a few seconds, it's time to start fresh. A lot of people make resolutions or use this time to find all of their flaws or mistakes that happened in the last year. I used to do that too. I mean that's the way we are raised as a society. We nitpick how much weight we have gained, how out of shape we are, how much time we spend on our phones, our unhealthy relationships, how little we spend outdoors, etc. Some of those things are completely valid to work on and make new healthy habits out of them. But when you look at yourself and you see all these flaws you want to change about yourself in a negative light, like how you can't stand how you look in those jeans that used to fit you perfectly so you say to yourself "This year, I'm going to lose weight. I don't like how I look and feel at this weight, so I'm going to change it.". Okay, so maybe you don't say it exactly like that but you have a similar thought. That resolution is not going to stick. Resolutions don't last when they are based on hatred and dismay. You need to love yourself before you can change yourself. So I no longer do 'New Year's Resolutions'. So what? I still use this time to reflect on the past year & look back to see how far I've come. I also write down 'Gifts To Myself' for the new year. Kind of like resolutions but things that I want to work towards not because I don't like where I am now, but because I want to grow even more & become a better person for me. So here are my gifts to myself this year...

Gifts To Myself In 2018

1. More Self Love

Lack of self love is the root of a lot of what's wrong in the world in my opinion. People who love themselves, love others, & love the world. I am here to change the world (I'm not sure exactly what aspect I'm going to change, but I'm finding my way) in some way, & in order to do that with the best intentions, I need to love myself fully. Embrace all my flaws & imperfections, my sense of humor, my creativity, all of it. Not saying I am never going to change but in order to change for good, I need to love myself fully. Self love is not selfish either. It's actually better for everyone in your life when you love yourself. Like I said, when you love yourself, you love others. Trust me, your friends & family will thank you.

2. Move On From The Past

I do this really weird thing where I replay moments & events where I have either messed up, done something 'bad'. These things give me major anxiety & I have to put it past me. Reading The Untethered Soul has helped me so much in realizing that I do this, so now I have to put it behind me. There's nothing I can do about it now. It's over. Done deal. Everyone else has moved on. It's time for me to do the same.  

3. Be More Open

This is kind of broad but it's something I want to do for myself. I need to go into 2018 with an open mind so I can learn & grow more. If I stick to a set career plan or only read two books about meditation (both very different things, with very different outcomes) I will limit myself to a certain way of thinking & learning. Maybe I will miss an opportunity or worse, make a poor decision in my career path (aka going along with what my family & peers expect from me).  

4. Treat My Body Like A Temple

Now I'm not saying, I will never treat myself or limit what I can & cannot have because that's not sustainable for anyone. I want to make sure that I am giving my body the best food possible. You only get one body so I want to take care of mine to the best of my ability, starting from the inside out. Eating the freshest most whole form of food is the best way to do that, vegan of course! 

5. Be A More Ethical Consumer

This is something I struggle with A LOT. And that's okay because it's a journey. Shopping more ethically & zero waste is so hard in the society we are living in now. Straws everywhere! Plastic coming out of our ears! Sweatshop made clothing everywhere you look! It's crazy how the word is kind of turned upside down at the moment. I know I am only one person, but I'm one person that can make a change. I want to really try to always bring my HydroFlask & metal straws to starbucks, always pack my lunches in reusable containers, shop ethical brands, bring my produce bags grocery shopping, buy more in bulk, etc. It might take all year, but it will be worth it.

6. Learn

So this year, I am planning on taking courses to become a certified health coach. I am still in high school which does limit me slightly, but I will work towards it. I want to be a health coach to change the way society views health. The medical field has changed so much & I am truly thankful for technology & advancements in the field. Without it, many people wouldn't be here alive & well. But health has gotten a little misunderstood. Doctors just prescribe medicines & pharmaceuticals to diminish symptoms & don't actually fix the underlying problems. As a society we need to focus less on getting better as a quick fix, and more on healing ourselves for the long run. I want to be a part of this movement towards healthy living.

7. Time

Setting aside time for myself is something I definitely lacked in 2017. This time can be put aside for anything that truly makes me happy & brings me joy. It could be going to an extra yoga class during the week, meditating extra long, doing a face mask, cooking a big meal, writing, etc. 

8. Declutter

Now I am not a hoarder but I do accumulate things that I don't really want. Maybe I got a gift that I don't need but I keep it because I feel bad getting rid of it. Or maybe I have this stuffed animal that I've had since first grade & I can't part with it. If it doesn't bring me joy, I'm not keeping it. That's my rule for 2018. The Tidying Up Book has taught me a lot about this decluttering & organizing movement. It's officially time! Bye bye clutter! Hello minimalist Jane! This also carries into giving other's clutter & things they don't need. I don't want to give anyone else the burden of having crap either.

9.  Save The Bucks

So since I still live at home & don't have any large bills to pay or have loans to pay off, I tend to just spend the money I have right then & there. I'm not very frugal. I will spend a few minutes online shopping & easily blow through all my christmas money in a heartbeat. No more. I want to take full control of my money. I am not saying I will save all my money for when I am 60 & retired. I will still 100% get an almond milk hot chocolate from Starbucks every chance I get, but I am done spending my money on things I don't need. No more just 'buying for the heck of it' nonsense. I am saving because it honestly can't hurt.

10. Dry Brush Daily

I have heard so many good things about dry brushing and want to try it myself. It helps with blood flow, skin exfoliation & rejuvenation, keeps the lymph system moving, & removes dead skin. I have ordered my dry brush & ready to start! You start from your feet & brush upwards towards your heart. Work to your legs, belly, chest, arms, neck, etc. No need to do your head/face, that would hurt! Work all around your body, always brushing towards your heart. 

11. Buy Local

Whenever possible, always take advantage to support local farms, growers, workers, etc. It's so important that we support people who live near us, so we can continue to have jobs. As Americans, we outsource a majority of our goods from other countries. Supporting their economy, but diminishing our own. I am voting with my dollar & supporting local buisnesses so we can thrive as a whole. 

So those are some of the things I am gifting to myself. All of them will benefit me & the people around me in some way. I want to be the best person I can possibly be this year. So here's to me, the same me I was in 2017, just smarter, braver, kinder, more compassionate, giving, & healthier. It's not a 'new' me. The same old Jane just better :) And here's to you! With a fresh start, a time of reflection, & gratitude. 2018 is going to be a great year, especially for the vegans ;)

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