Where do you get your protein as a vegan

First off, there has never EVER been a report of protein deficiency in medical records if you eat the proper amount of calories. I personally need about 50 grams of protein a day based on my body weight. I have no problem getting that when I eat whole, plant based foods. Foods like lentils, black beans, spinach, quinoa, and tofu all have more protein than meat per cup so I am not really sure what your worried about.

What made you want to PURSUE health + Wellness

I have always strived to better myself physically and mentally and be the healthiest I could be. I went through a transformative experience becoming vegan and wanted to share that with others. After I was certified in holistic health coaching I was completely convinced this path was for me. A career in the health and wellness industry is one of the most rewarding because you have the opportunity to transform people’s lives every day. Along with that you become healthier yourself and can share everything you have learned from these people with the ones you love to better their lives as well.

what made you want to go vegan

I have always loved animals, as most little kids do. In first grade I decided I wanted to be a veterinarian (not anymore lol) because I loved them so much. I grew up with pets and never made the connection between what’s on my plate vs what I choose as a companion. When I was 15 I came across a video of eggs in reverse and it showed everything. That got me watching countless other videos on the meat and dairy industry. After I saw that I knew I could not contribute to the pain and suffering of other beings. I learned about the environmental factors and of course the health benefits of a vegan diet. All that information solidified my decision and I went cold turkey. Never again will I eat animal by products like eggs and dairy or meat. I will not purchase leather or down, nor will I support and use cosmetic products that test on animals. A few seconds of satisfaction from food or fashion will never justify a lifetime of suffering.


How did you become a health coach

I went through the online school Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It was the most transformative and advanced education I have ever received and I loved every second of it. Click here to learn more about my experience and how you can become a holistic health coach too.

Do you take supplements

I do. A soluble B12 suppie is essential. Here are a few I like. It is really important that everyone takes this supplement, even non vegans. I recommend it to all my clients because it is something most people are deficient in these days.

Can you be my heALTH COACH

Yes!! Click here to book a session! I am trying to attract people who have a deep passion and the motivation to change. You are the only one who can actually implement the changes in your life. I am just here to guide you in the right direction and support you in your goals. If you want to chat or discuss something you can reach out to me anytime here. I offer initial consultations and one follow-up appointment for free so if you just want to see what it’s like to have someone listening and supporting you then sign up here! OR you can get your first month free (consultation & two follow-ups) using code LETSGETSTARTED. Click here to learn more about my practice and what you can expect with me as your health coach.


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