Check out my article by the Healthie team. They asked me all sorts of questions about my business, how I got into the health and wellness field and advice I would give. Healthie is one of my favorite partnerships I have cultivated. They are a team of creative, innovative, and like-minded individuals trying to revolutionize the way people interact with their clients and run their businesses. They offer a modern platform for health coaches, nutritionists, therapists, and naturopaths to connect with new and existing clients, manage clients, make appointments, sell programs, have online video chats with clients, and more. I use them to host my own health coaching practice and I love it.


Check out my article here! I answered questions like how long I have been vegan for, why I went vegan, what benefits I have experienced and more! One of the biggest online resources for vegan news and influencers. Based in the U.K., they are sharing recipes, health, and lifestyle articles from around the world.


Tweet from Van Leeuwen featuring my Brooklyn Vegan Guide!