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Turmeric + Lemon Tempeh 'Fried' Rice

Turmeric + Lemon Tempeh 'Fried' Rice

Rice is definitely in the top 5 of my favorite foods! So easy and quick to make, goes with literally ANY meal, and it's good for you when prepared with wholesome ingredients. Sadly a lot of rice is either cooked in oil or fried in oil. Don't get me wrong, it tastes great but not worth all the excess calories or fat. So here is a great recipe for 'fried rice' that isn't exactly fried. It does, however resemble the texture of fried rice. Perfectly tender and a little crispy. Not to mention packed with flavor and a beautiful color from the turmeric. You can substitute tofu instead of tempeh if you prefer. Greats served with your favorite greens and lemon hummus sauce! Tastes great both ways! Recipe video at the end of this post!



  • 2 cups rice of choice (I used basmati)

  • 2 tsp turmeric

  • 1/2 garlic powder

  • 1 package of tempeh

  • 1/3 cup liquid aminos, tamari, or soy sauce

  • 2 tsp sriracha sauce (or other hot sauce)

  • 2 tbs liquid sweetener (I used maple syrup)

  • 1/4 cup lemon juice

  • Thinly sliced veggies of choice (I like carrots and/or bell peppers)

  • Fresh herbs (optional)



  1. In a pot, add two cups of rice, turmeric, garlic powder, and water needed according to package directions on the rice minus 4 tablespoons. This will ensure that the rice doesn't get overcooked and can absorb more flavor in the pan. Cover and cook according to package instructions

  2. Chop your tempeh into 1 inch chunks

  3. Mix liquid aminos, sriracha, liquid sweetener, & lemon juice in a shallow bowl

  4. Place the tempeh in the marinade and mix it around so every piece is coated

  5. Let the tempeh sit until the rice is completely cooked or longer. The longer the better in my opinion

  6. Heat a large non-stick pan to high

  7. Add the tempeh & all of the marinade into the hot pan. Let cook for about five minutes. Some of the liquid should evaporated and get thicker

  8. Add in your veggies and cover for 2 minutes (if you don't want to add veggies, skip this step)

  9. Add in all of the rice and stir until all of the rice has been coated in the flavor

  10. Let sit for 5 minutes uncovered & serve

  11. Pack this in a lunch to go, save for another meal (makes great leftovers) or enjoy immediately!

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